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Classic Boat Dock by ShoreStation

ShoreStation’s classic, time-tested, sectional dock is designed to be the heart of your lake home, with an easy, simple design and versatility that allows you to create different layouts from season to season.

Classic Boat Dock with accessories by ShoreStation.

1 - More Time to Play

EON-Marine® sideboards. Powder-coated aluminum deck planks. Heavy-duty galvanized or aluminum leg frames. Aluminum leg extensions. Stainless steel hardware.

2 - Safe For Everyone

To keep your dock safe and enjoyable for all, you’ve got to have the details right. The narrow width and sturdy handrails of this Aqua Step provide a safe route in and out of the water for kids, seniors and dogs.

3 - Keepin' it Simple

This dock is engineered to be easy. Mount accessories quickly, lock sections together with a spring-loaded pin, and adjust leg height — all without additional tools.

4 - Accessories Galore

Express yourself! ShoreStation accessories make it easy to get creative and customize your layout. From functional items to decorative accents, these products are designed to look right, fit right and work right.

5 - Safety Through Stability

Flimsy, unstable docks can be a real hazard, so play it safe with rock-solid Genuine ShoreStation Dock. This A-Frame stance provides a wider base for a level of stability and safety you won't find in ordinary docks.

Choose Your Dock STYLE

ShoreStation Classic Sectional Dock welded deck sections are available in your choice of Low Maintenance Aluminum or Nostalgic Cedar. All hardware and component parts are constructed of the highest quality materials.

Choose Your LAYOUT

The versatile, modular design of Genuine ShoreStation Dock makes it easy to create thousands of different layout options.

We can help you design a custom layout to meet your needs. These unique features will help you get creative:

  • 4', 6' and 8' section widths (actual width varies from nominal width)
  • 45° angles
  • Mitered corners
  • Freestanding swim platforms
  • 2' Catwalk sections
ShoreStation dock layouts.

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